Linking clients with Professional Forex Traders

Within the Xenia Client Portal, and once a client of Xenia, clients can view a list of Forex Trading Strategy Providers that are available to mirror.  Using a mirroring technology clients can mirror Strategy Providers.

Strategy Providers typically charge Performance Fees (administered monthly by Xenia). Mirroring requires a separate account for each mirrored strategy, which will be setup when a Strategy is selected for mirroring.

If you are a good Forex Trader with a track record to prove it and wish to be setup so other Xenia clients can mirror your strategy, in which you can earn Performance Fees.

Performance Fees are administered by Xenia accounting department at the end of each month and applied on net Gains made, using a “high-water mark” model, meaning as gains increase the balance, a new “high-water mark” is set for which Performance Fees are applied on the net gain.  If there is a loss from one month to the next, causing the balance to fall below the “high-water mark”, no performance fees will be applied.

Disclaimer: Providing the infrastructure to enable the mirroring of Strategies offered by Strategy Providers (Traders) should in no way be considered an endorsement of any trader or strategy. Xenia does not endorse or recommend any Strategy Provider. Xenia has no insight and no duty whatsoever to understand, monitor, analyse, interfere in, or opine on, the trading executed by any Strategy Provider. Xenia has no duty to inform or to alert clients in relation to the trading activity, risks and performance (good or bad) performed by Strategy Providers. Clients are advised to seek information and do their own due diligence on any Strategy Provider they are considering to mirror, as well as monitor regularly the evolution of their trading activity and performance.