Linking Investor clients with Professional Forex Traders

Within the Xenia Client Portal, and once a client of Xenia, clients can view a list of Forex Trading Strategy Providers that are available to follow via PAMM model.

Strategy Providers charge Performance Fees (administered monthly by Xenia).

If you are a good Forex Trader with a track record to prove it and wish to be setup so other Xenia clients can mirror your strategy, in which you can earn Performance Fees.

Performance Fees are administered by Xenia accounting department at the end of each month and applied on net Gains made, using a “high-water mark” model, meaning as gains increase the balance, a new “high-water mark” is set for which Performance Fees are applied on the net gain.  If there is a loss from one month to the next, causing the balance to fall below the “high-water mark”, no performance fees will be applied.

Disclaimer: Providing the infrastructure to enable the mirroring of Strategies offered by Strategy Providers (Traders) should in no way be considered an endorsement of any trader or strategy. Xenia does not endorse or recommend any Strategy Provider. Xenia has no insight and no duty whatsoever to understand, monitor, analyse, interfere in, or opine on, the trading executed by any Strategy Provider. Xenia has no duty to inform or to alert clients in relation to the trading activity, risks and performance (good or bad) performed by Strategy Providers. Clients are advised to seek information and do their own due diligence on any Strategy Provider they are considering to mirror, as well as monitor regularly the evolution of their trading activity and performance.


Xenia is in the process of switching from a mirroring model to a PAMM model for enabling investor clients to follow a given Strategy.

PAMM means Proportional Allocation Management Module.

With a PAMM, there is one Master PAMM trading account where all trading takes place, and the account value is then proportionally allocated in reporting to those actively participating in following the PAMM Strategy. At Xenia, this is done via the Xenia client portal. With mirroring, there is a trading account where the trader makes a trade and then all those mirroring have accounts that copy that trade.

The Xenia Client Portal “Live Accounts” page will show all participating clients proportional amount of the Master PAMM trading account in terms of values (Balance, Cash Equity, etc).

Trade history reporting will be at the PAMM Master level, not the individual client level.  Trade history cannot be proportionally allocated on a per trade basis, due to the fact that a Trade may be held open longer and across periods of changes in the proportions due to deposits / withdrawals / performance fees, etc.  But, the ratio % (proportional percentage) of any given client account participating in a PAMM will be displayed in the “Live Accounts” page.  The ratio will fluctuate based on ongoing changes in the proportions due to deposits / withdrawals of clients participating, which will be conducted only once per day, and only if there are deposits/withdrawals requested on a given day.

Clients can still request to Stop or Start participation in the PAMM on any day, with requests being processed once a day.

Clients will still be able to make deposits/withdrawals (transfers) into their PAMM account any day of the month.

Normally, Performance Fees are applied on a monthly basis. But, if a withdrawal is made during the month, than any Performance Fees due will be applied for that specific account at the time of the withdrawal.

The PAMM model is more reliable than mirroring and a better trading model for all participating in following a Strategy.  Although mirroring works very well, it’s better for a smaller number of participants.  When the number of participants and collective account value grows, as it has for most of the Strategies offered at Xenia, it’s better to operate with a PAMM model.