Registered Xenia clients can follow Trading Strategies traded by experienced Forex Traders, enabling those who wish to participate in the Forex market, but prefer not to execute the trading, themselves. Clients following a Strategy maintain control of their participation account.

Only Registered Clients can view the available Strategies.

Disclaimers:  Xenia DOES NOT ENDORSE any Strategies or Strategy providers. Xenia DOES NOT offer investment advice. All clients choosing to follow a given Strategy must do so based on their own assessment of the risks involved and make their own decision to follow such. Trading Forex is high-risk, following a strategy could cause loss of funds, possibly more than their initial invested capital.  Past results DO NOT guarantee future performance.

Performance Fees are administered by Xenia at the end of each month and applied only on net new Gains made in a given month, using the “High-Water Mark” (HWM) model. HWM level moves with deposits, withdrawals, and by monthly net new gains above the previously set HWM level. If there is a loss from one month to the next, causing the balance to fall below the “high-water mark”, no performance fees will be applied.