Education Providers

Xenia aim to help people that are or want to become serious Forex traders be successful for the long term. Xenia encourages clients to participate in education courses, webinars, books, community blogs, and other ways of learning more about Forex.

Xenia is pleased to list the following well qualified education providers

Forex Paydays and Elite Traders University

At Forex Paydays, their mission is to create a strong, vibrant, and profitable community of professional traders. By seeing real-time trading examples of strategies and best practices, traders can learn by doing and apply what they’ve learned to their own trading.

The end result is that members can, one day, trade independently with confidence derived from the consistent mentorship and valuable feedback from being part of the live trading room.

Gregory McLeod has an extensive background in financial markets, having spent more than 17 years in the investing trenches. Over that time, he’s been an analyst at a prop trading firm as well as a trading coach with the Daily FX Education team teaching hundreds of traders. Greg also serves as a Daily FX Trading Community Forum Moderator and trader supplying traders with numerous ideas and setups on a daily basis.

Global Trading Army

GTA provides high quality Forex Trading Education. As a member of GTA, you can have access to extensive education resources, live trading sessions, trading signals, mentoring, and trading strategies.




Harsh Japee

A well known Master Trader, expert, and teacher of the Elliott Wave trading model, Harsh Japee now provides access to Daily Live Analysis-Forex, Gold, CFD’s, Bitcoin, Indices.

The FX Commentary and Trade Setup Service

A continuous stream of labelled charts and potential trade setups/trade signals with a clear Entry, Stop and Targets would be updated on the private telegram. The instruments shall be Currencies, Metals, Indices and Cryptos. It shall be delivered between Monday Open to Friday Close.


cTrader has an substantial developer community and resources available for developers.

There are many Algorithms available for cTrader.

There are many cTrader developers, consultants and partners.

Serious Forex traders may find tremendous benefit from taking advantage of the services provided by Developers that specialize in Forex Trading algorithm development for cTrader.


ClickAlgo is a UK-based company providing a high-quality programming service for full and part-time traders. We specialize in the cTrader and NinjaTrader 8 trading platforms to help you create custom-built automated and hybrid trading strategies, indicators and standalone trading platforms for out-of-the-box trading.

Anka Software

Anka Softwankaare  is based in Bangalore, India, offering consulting and development services in algo trading domain on platforms like cAlgo, TradeStation, MT4, NinjaTrader etc. With our extensive domain knowledge and processes, client requirements will be understood with a minimum questions along with value add suggestions and inputs. Services include development of new cAlgo robots as well migrations from other platforms.

Anka Software

Offshore Incorporation Service Providers

Having an Offshore Corporation, or an Offshore Limited Liability Company (LLC) can be beneficial.

The formation of an offshore company is an effective asset protection and tax mitigation tool. But, these structures are also extremely misunderstood. It’s important to work with an incorporation service provider that is professional, qualified and able to help with all aspects.

Operating through an offshore company allows you to conduct your business, bank transactions, investments, and/or personal financial affairs with maximum tax efficiently and a level of privacy and anonymity. Placing assets into an offshore company and incorporated legal structure provides a strong layer of protection from future liabilities.

Holding bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and assets in an offshore company, rather than in your name, maximizes privacy and protection.

See link for more information:

 Premier Offshore Tax & Corporate, Inc. is a leader in international consulting, planning and incorporation services for offshore investors, entrepreneurs, asset protection, and U.S. retirement accounts.

Premier Offshore is the leader in tax compliant offshore structures for US persons. They offer international business corporations, offshore IRA LLCs, and personal investment companies.Premier Offshore can also prepare tax returns and keep it all in good stead with the IRS.

Premier has served thousands of business people, attorneys, accountants, physicians and expats. They are frequently contacted by law firms around the world to design and implement advanced asset protection and business structures for their clients. They were one of the first, and still the leader, in helping American’s take their IRAs, 401ks, and defined benefit plans offshore.

Premier’s team has over 100 years of combined experience in offshore, financial, tax, legal and business backgrounds. We have been successfully helping our customers with private financial solutions and safeguarding their wealth for over a decade.

Christian Reeves

 Dentons Corporate Services

Dentons offers a wide array of corporate services to suit client needs.  Their in-house corporate services wing Centralis Cayman Limited is a licensed company management business fully regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA).  

They are able to provide new incorporation’s for both local and offshore exempt companies as well as the innovative Special Economic Zone at Cayman Enterprise City. Additionally, they provide registered office, directorships, nominee, trustee and secretarial services.

Once incorporated, their attorneys are highly skilled in obtaining the correct licensing for your business, whether it’s securities trading, medical, retail or insurance to name a few. Dinner Martin also offers mail forwarding and cheque depositing for client companies. The Dinner Martin corporate administration team can assist with opening local bank accounts as well as accounts in many other offshore jurisdictions at reputable banks.

Dentons Address: P.O. Box 10190, KY1-1002, 3rd Floor, One Capital Place Shedden Road, George Town, Grand Cayman Cayman Islands