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Randall has spent much of his life in the Cayman Islands and has an extensive knowledge of the local markets, laws and procedures. He continues to build strong business relationships within the country and the Caribbean region.

After 7 years of working in the corporate and litigation departments of another Cayman Islands’ based firm, Randall decided to branch out with David Dinner to form Dinner Martin Attorneys in 2013, now Dentons.

He advises on all aspects of offshore and onshore business establishment; corporate structuring and licensing; immigration and residency by investment; real estate development; private wealth and estate planning; and intellectual property registration and protection. He is also a Notary Public for the Cayman Islands.

At Dentons, their formidable global presence and multijurisdictional capabilities are unmatched. Named by Law360 as one of the top five “mightiest” M&A practices, we offer an experienced team of more than 1,500 corporate lawyers acting for clients around the globe, via offices in more than 125 locations spanning 50-plus countries.

To help meet client needs, they combine their presence in key financial centers and strong industry/sector knowledge with their established track record handling cross border multi-jurisdictional transactions and connecting work between mature and emerging markets.

Dentons’ Global M&A Group is distinguished by our position as one of the very few global legal teams that is “in and of the community”— if not the only one that is truly so. Culturally knowledgeable and backed by decades of on-the-ground experience, we support the ambitions of local and international businesses the world over.

Dentons’ provide you with high-level sector capabilities, including one of the most renowned energy teams in the world and unparalleled strength in mining, technology, manufacturing, financial services, real estate, health care, private equity and industrials.

Polycentric – Leveraging our diversity for your competitive advantage

Dentons has no single headquarters or dominant culture. We are diverse in terms of geography, language and nationalities. Our lawyers embrace our diversity and reflect the race, religion, gender, sexual orientation and nationality of our clients around the globe. We know that our clients hire us because we understand the nuances of different cultures and regions. Our global team has deep experience in civil law, English common law and US common law traditions as well as Sharia law and Chinese legal and regulatory issues.

“Polycentric” is the concept that most accurately captures what differentiates Dentons from other more traditional law firms. It is a collective label for a set of values by which we organize ourselves and serve our clients.

Our polycentric model affords flexibility in responding to our clients’ needs wherever in the world they arise and enables us to guide our clients to adapt to the shifting dynamics of the global marketplace. We are focused on delivering consistently high quality and value to our clients. We leverage our diversity to provide more innovative, client-focused solutions to complex business issues.

The Cayman Islands have introduced several “Residency by Investment” options for persons of independent means or entrepreneurs seeking to live/work in in a favorable climate and take advantage of the tax and intellectual property benefits the country has to offer. Randall is a leading advisor on the entire residency offering which in some instances can lead to citizenship in the Cayman Islands and the United Kingdom. The Cayman Islands are a highly attractive and safe choice for high (and ultra-high) net worth individuals to call home.

For Dentons’ Cayman Islands office, Randall leads an experienced corporate/commercial team which is positioned to offer incorporation and registered office services for any Cayman entity; directorships; investment fund establishment and private equity structures.

Randall also regularly assists in setting up Special Economic Zone Companies in Cayman Enterprise City (CEC), a turnkey solution for offshore businesses in the technology, commodities/derivatives, maritime/aviation spaces and others. Randall’s immigration team is responsible for processing a multitude of work permits, residency and visa applications and often manages the relocation of major offices from other jurisdictions to the Cayman Islands. Many of these transactions often require experienced legal/tax advisors from other jurisdictions, thus Randall works with other Dentons’ offices worldwide to provide unified service.

Legal notices

Dentons is a global legal practice providing client services worldwide through its member firms and affiliates, including Dentons Australia Pty Ltd, Dentons Canada LLP, Dentons Cardenas & Cardenas Abogados Ltda., Dentons Delany Corp., Dentons Europe LLP, Dentons Gallo Barrios Pickmann SCRL, Dentons Hong Kong LLP, Dentons López Velarde, S.C., Dentons Muñoz Costa Rica Limitada, Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP, Dentons UK and Middle East LLP, Dentons US LLP, Dinner Martin Attorneys, Vella Pugliese Buosi e Guidoni, 北京大成律师事务所 (China), and their subsidiaries and affiliates, each of which is its own Legal Practice. Dentons Group (a Swiss Verein) does not itself provide legal or other client services.

The terms “Dentons” or the “firm” refer to one or more Legal Practices. Any reference to a “partner” means a partner, member, consultant, or employee with equivalent standing and qualifications in at least one Legal Practice.

Any reference to an Dentons “location” means any office, associate office, facility, associate firm, or special alliance within the international legal practice.

Legal Notices – Cayman Islands

Legal services in Cayman Islands are provided by Dinner Martin Attorneys.